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Luigi Curcio

“I cook by experience – by taste – by feel.” says our honored chef, Luigi Curcio, owner chef of Sun-Ray Pizza located at 440 Main Street in Little Falls.

Luigi continued, “In my native Polla, a province of Salerno, Italy, my family and I learned how to cook by watching my mother, Teresa and my father Antonio. My family was in the restaurant business, so we were brought up knowing the business at an early age. We were young kids, but we could cook!”

”We never went to cooking school. Cooking came naturally to us. My brothers, yes, my entire family is still carrying on the tradition from Italy that we brought with us to America.”

Luigi, affable and outgoing, still retains the Italian flavored accent of his native Salerno, which I won’t attempt to duplicate here. His manner and personality shines as he discusses his business and family. The best part of Luigi retaining anything Italian is the lessons he learned as a child, those of which he still maintains today with his pizza and Italian specialties that he serves at Sun-Ray.

It has been 33 years since Luigi began cooking in the United States. He was the first member of his family to leave Salerno. And coming to the US was difficult for him because he couldn’t speak the language, yet, he knew he wanted to make a home here.

With the help of an uncle he found employment with a cookie company in Clifton. To learn English, he attended language classes at night. It was a lonely time for Luigi because his family was in Europe. When it was viably and monetarily feasible, the rest of his family arrived in the United States. Now, all his brothers are in the business and have settled with their families in and around Northern New Jersey.

”When everybody was finally here in this county we decided to open a stand on the boardwalk in Atlantic City in 1960. Following the stand we all went our own way still staying in business.

”The Sun-Ray Pizza business became available in Paterson back then and I quickly purchased it. The place soon was busy. We stayed in Paterson for many years before we came to Little Falls three years ago.”

Luigi doesn’t tell the entire story.

With his fresh specialties and terrific pizza Luigi has built up a following that has stayed with him all these years – even though some of his customers must travel farther than before to dine on his specialties!

It happens that for all his years in the business, Luigi has never offered take-out. His thousands of customers will travel just to pick-up the Italian cuisine Luigi offers. In this day and age of a Pizza Parlor being on practically every corner that’s going some, however, Luigi has built for himself one great reputation and he’s justifiably proud.

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